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7. April 2014
Do you love cars as much as Autotechnoimport loves them?

It is impossible to imagine our lives without cars. They are as natural to us as the sun, water and pets. Yet to some people they are just a means of transportation, while to others they are their whole life's work.

Here at Autotechnoimport our lives revolve around cars.

Apart from journalists and workers at Russian divisions of international auto groups, our company employees are the first Russians to see the new cars. We take great care in transporting them to Russia, unloading them, storing them, preparing them for sale.

Here at Autotechnoimport we have a great love for cars. Different kinds of cars: big and small, passenger cars and trucks, cheap and luxury. Naturally, we are not unmoved by sports vehicles either. Their outlines, the sound of powerful engines strained to their limit…

This year Autotechnoimport Foreign Trade Company once again became partner of Rally Masters Show 2014 - a unique auto sports event that will take place on April 19 at the Krylatskoye Sports Complex with the support of the Government of the city of Moscow and the Moscow State Sport Department (Moscomsport). We are also thrilled to make our contribution to the organization of this event.

If you love cars as much as we do, if you are excited by the roar of engines and the screeching of tires, we look forward to seeing you at the Krylatskoye Sports Complex on April 19. We'll be there. We'll see you around!


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