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December 27, 2013
Mercedes are coming quicker

The Yanino logistics park, part of the Global Ports group of companies, and one of the leading Russian automotive vehicle transporters Autotechnoimport, have signed an agreement under which Yanino will create a highly-automated facility for storage and pre-sales preparation of Mercedes cars. The agreement envisages the creation of a specialized warehouse facility and the provision of services on reception, storage, and processing of imported vehicles.

Previously Autotechnoimport had won the tender by Mercedes Benz RUS to create a warehouse and logistics facility in the North-west region.

In the opinion of Autotechnoimport’s general director Kirill Petrunkin, the new warehouse and logistics facility for Mercedes vehicles at Yanino will significantly increase the efficiency of processing Mercedes cars being brought into the territory of the Customs union.

“The new facility is located next to the border of the Customs union, has access to the railroad, and direct access to the main roads of the North-west region. This will reduce the load on the road network not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow and on the St. Petersburg-Moscow highway”, said Kirill Petrunkin.

Facility services will be provided by specialists from the Yanino logistics park and the management organization of the facility will be handled by unique software from Autotechnoimport, which has proven itself wonderfully at the Centralniy facility in Chashnikovo in the Moscow region.

“Autotechnoimport has a great deal of experience in automating the management of automobile warehouses, which we will of course using at Yanino in our modern, efficient warehouse and logistics facility. This will allow us to increase the turnaround time on processing and dispatching new cars to clients, and reducing the waiting time for customers,” said Viktoria Shcherbakova-Slyusarenko, Yanino general director.

The new warehouse facility is planned to launch into operation in the first quarter of 2014.


Yanino logistics park is a multi-function logistics facility. Yanino includes container and railroad terminals, and warehousing and customs facilities. Yanino offers a full range of services on storing and processing container and other freight. At the end of the first half of 2013 the terminal’s capacity was 200,000 TEU and 400,000 tons of general freight.

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Global Ports Investments PLC is a leading operator of container terminals on the Russian market.

Global Ports terminals are located in the Baltic Sea and in the Far East, and are key regional foreign trade arteries. Global Ports manages three Russian container terminals (Petrolesport and Moby Dick in St. Petersburg and Vostochnaya stividornaya companiya in Vostochny port) and two container terminals in Finland (the Multi-Link Helsinki terminal and Multi-Link Kotka). Global Ports also owns 75% of the Yanino logistics park near St. Petersburg and 50% of the large oil products terminal Vopak E O S, located in Estonia.

Global Ports main shareholders are Transportation Investments Holding Limited (working under the brand H-Trans), one of the largest private transportation and infrastructure groups in Russia (37.5%), and APM Terminals BV, whose main area of business is planning, construction, management, and operation of ports, terminals, and internal terminals within a global network of terminals, which includes 71 active port terminals and more than 160 internal terminals, thanks to which APM Terminals is represented in 68 countries (37.5%). The remaining 25% of shares in Global Ports in the form of global depository receipts, are listed on the London Stock Exchange (GLPR) and are held by public investors.

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Foreign trade organization Autotechnoimport is one of the oldest automobile transportation companies in Russia, and is a member of the national Association of International Auto Transporters (ASMAP). Each year Autotechnoimport carries more than 200,000 vehicles.

Autotechnoimport offers its clients a wide range of services:

- international shipping of automobiles, including luxury class vehicles, from Europe to Russia on its own specialized car transporters;

- customs processing of cargo;

- transportation of automobiles by railroad;

- at the client’s request, additional security for transported vehicles can be provided by the specialized security division;

- storage of vehicles at its own warehouse facility located very close to Moscow and using RTLS positioning technology. The facility’s through-put capacity is up to 50,000 vehicles per month;

- review of the vehicles on reception into storage and pre-sales preparation upon release;

- insurance of transported vehicles;

- regional distribution.

Autotechnoimport is a partner of Daimer AG, Volkswagen, Volvo, Kia Motors, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, and GlovisRus.

Autotechnoimport has repeatedly been awarded the honor of Best Transporter of the Year by ASMAP, as well as Transporter of the Year and Warehouse Operator of the Year by Volkswagen.


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