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July 1, 2013
Opening of Centralniy, the first carport for large-freight transport

On July 1 not far from the junction of the Leningrad Highway (M10 Rossiya) and the Small Moscow Ring (betonka), 29 km from the MRR, the Centralniy carport has opened, with a capacity for parking 330 large-freight vehicles.

The opening ceremony was attended by the acting governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov.

According to the head of the Moscow region, after the ban on large-freight vehicles on the MRR during the day, drivers have come up against a severe parking shortage. Now long-distance hauliers prefer not to sleep in lay-bys and are instead using areas in towns and villages. “Together with the traffic police and local authorities we must create a culture of responsibility,” said Andrey Vorobyov. “All large-freight vehicles should spend the night here, wait 22 hours, and then get back on the MRR.”

The carport includes a cafe, and shower and toilet facilities. Second and third construction stages are planned, including the construction of vehicle washing facility, tyre and service shop, and even modular hotel. After the completion of the third stage, there will be parking for up to 2,000 large-freight vehicles.

There is already a high level of security in the first carport which, according to the regional boss, is of utmost importance. The area is under guard, and it is lit and equipped with a 24hr video surveillance system. There are automatic barriers at the entrance. According to the general director of the investing company Kirill Petrunkin, in its first week the carport will be free of charge as a test. In the future it will be necessary to pay for the services.

“We must establish the technological process so that entrance to the car park will be completely automated. In addition, the parking complex must have a sign indicating the number of spaces available, as well as information about free spaces being made available on Yandex. I believe that we will do this within the week,” said Kirill Petrunkin.

The Centralniy carport is conveniently located. It is just 29 km from the MRR, and in the near future the Central Ring Road will pass just a few hundred meters away, which is intended to redirect the flow of freight traffic around Moscow and free up the Moscow Ring Road.



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