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August 20, 2014

Presentation of Autotechnoimport's first 2014 cargo and passenger vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Rus, CJSC dealership center in Veshki

On August 20, 2014, the Mercedes-Benz Rus, CJSC dealership center in Veshki hosted the first presentation for dealers of Autotechnoimport's 2014 cargo and passenger vehicle based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CLASSIC 311 CDI. The following option packages were offered for the vehicle:

Standard model with a fixed partition

  • A partition between the passenger and the cargo compartments, made from durable ABS plastic, ensures additional protection from dust and noise for the passenger compartment.
  • Four seats with original upholstery, identical to that of the driver's seat, with three-point safety belts and headrests with adjustable height and tilt
  • Anti-slip surface of the second row of seats
  • Finishing for side panels made from hard fiber boards
  • A cloth-lined MDF ceiling panel
  • A 6+1 seating arrangement



Standard model with a movable partition

  • A three-seat folding bench seat with three-point safety belts, headrests, folding adjustable armrests and a movable partition. The movable bench seat can be easily moved up and down along the slider tracks, allowing customers to change the size of the cargo area without having to take out the seats and use special tools
  • Slider tracks for sliding the bench seats forward and back with locks at every 5 cm are located along the cabin. If necessary, bench seats can be taken out of the vehicle completely
  • A 5+1 seating arrangement


A convertible cabin with an additional three-seat bench seat with smooth backrest adjustment can be used at customer's request to provide an 8+1 seating arrangement.


FTC Autotechnoimport, LLC is constantly improving the design of its cargo and passenger vehicles and changes their equipment configuration in accordance with customer demands, providing:

  • A one-stop solution for transporting people and cargo
  • The largest possible cargo area
  • Comfortable ergonomics and high quality materials in the passenger cabin
  • Optimal elbow space in the passenger compartment
  • Comfortable passenger seats
  • Highest Russian and European safety standards
  • Attractive warranty package

The convertting process complies with the Mercedes-Benz company's highest European standards of quality. Specialists at the FTC Autotechnoimport, LLC quality control department make sure that quality standards are maintained at every stage of the assembly to provide the customer with a comfortable and functional vehicle that would handle any and all tasks over its entire service life.











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