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July 5, 2013
Silk Road 2013 has begun

On July 5 more than 100 crews set off from Vasilevskiy Descent by the walls of Moscow’s Kremlin, for the start of the Silk Road 2013 rally, the fifth running of the event that storms along Russian roads and off them. They must travel more than 4,000 kilometres. This is a real challenge for both the drivers and the equipment. This year the Master association is a partner of the international rally. Part of the association, Autotechnoimport delivers the racing cars and the transportation for the organising committee to the start and the finish of the race.
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July 1, 2013
Opening of Centralniy, the first carport for large-freight transport

On July 1 not far from the junction of the Leningrad Highway (M10 Rossiya) and the Small Moscow Ring (betonka), 29 km from the MRR, the Centralniy carport has opened, with a capacity for parking 330 large-freight vehicles.
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June 24, 2013
Autotechnoimport’s best employees receive letters of commendation from ASMAP

On June 24 the Association of International Automobile Transporters (ASMAP) awarded letters of commendation to Autotechnoimport’s best employees.
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June 24, 2013
Autotechnoimport launches production of commercial cars

On June 24 at the Centralniy warehouse facility the presentation of Autotechnoimport’s division of Commercial Autotransportation took place.
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May 30, 2013
At the end of May the potential of the automotive logistics market will be discussed in Moscow

According to VCIOM (the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre), Russia still has far to go to attain the status of an automotive superpower. We have 271 cars per 1,000 of population – more than Serbia, but less than Surinam. The USA – the leader in automotive provision – has four times as many cars, with 802 vehicles per thousand of population. Even little Malta has 679 cars per thousand people.
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April 24, 2013
Motor sports festival in Moscow

On April 20th the third Rally Masters Show was held at Krylatskoye – a big festival of automotive sport. This year one of the partners of the racing weekend was Autotechnoimport.
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April 10, 2013
Motor sports leaders choose auto transportation leaders for partners

Car racing is a high-tech sport. But the biggest victories don’t happen on the racetrack. The racer must have confidence in his car, and the team and the competition organisers must have confidence in their partners. Therefore for the real leaders, their partners must also be leaders in their fields. This year Autotechnoimport – one of Russia’s oldest automobile transporter and a member of ASMAP – was an official partner of the Rally Masters Show 2013.

Autotechnoimport has a long and proud history of working with motor sports. Our company has been a regular partner of various racing events and provides delivery of racing vehicles and organising committees to the start and the finish line. This year Autotechnoimport was the official sponsor of the ‘Silk Road’ rally-ride.

Just like the racing teams, in our work we use the most up-to-date technology. Our clients have access to a wide range of services – international transportation of automobiles, including in sealed containers and by rail, specialised security, customs processing, and pre-sales preparation.

Our clients can track the status of their freight and calculate its arrival time. All 333 of Autotechnoimport’s transporters meet European environmental standards and are equipped with positioning and movement control systems. And at our facility 29 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, we use a Real Time Location System positioning system and a unified accounting system to automate reception, accounting, and dispatch of automobiles.

The partnership between Autotechnoimport and the Rally Masters Show 2013 festival of motor sports is an important step – leaders in motor sports are choosing leaders in car transportation.

April 3, 2013
Autotechnoimport to be a partner of the Rally Masters Show

Autotechnoimport will be a partner of the Rally Masters Show, to be held April 20 in Moscow. The event is being held for the third time and every year the race draws more and more spectators – last year more than 6,000 came to watch.

The race will include more than 40 teams from 10 different countries, including the driver of the works team Qatar M-Sport WRT and rally world champion YevgeniyNovikov, former driver of the works team WRC, Estonian Markko Martin, winner of the championship and Russian rally cup SergeyUspensky, Patrick Flodin, GennadiyBroslavskiy, GrigoriyTregubov, VasiliyGryazin, and other Russian crews and famous international racers.


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